Knack of The Night

by Saikat Mukherjee

In the birth of supernovas
constraints are getting diminished.
Though a peculiar sound is on the rise;
as the joint is getting finished.

As the roof lurks into the sky,
an illegal move is on;
in the spell of the miniatured goddess,
it is giving life to argon.

It starts preparing to sleep,
with open reserved chamber.
Though it is quite melting down and
not bothered about the slumber.

The owls cry, and it’s not rare
with crickets all around.
Serenity is too much here
and creating skeptical sound.

The hot surface commits nuisance
here and doesn’t leave the back.
The wiping night is very vehement
though; with such gathered knack.

-Saikat Mukherjee