Chapter 1

One day in the month of April of 2007,I cannot remind the exact date,my father was reading a monthly magazine ভ্রমণ.That was the year of my higher secondary examination,may be it was just finished or the mathematics was just waiting to be finished.
We had not been going out for the last 4years. Suddenly bapi became interested in the topic LADAKH in the
ভ্রমণ described by Amarendra Chakraborty.It is almost the toughest tour in India. Bapi(my father)almost decided to go to Ladakh after my WBJEE,and he planned to whole tour,discussed with us,we admitted to his planning and program. We also thought for some travel agencies,but finally we decided to go alone. Booked the train and aeroplane tickets. Our schedule date of journey was 18th June. We were very excited about Ladakh.
My Joint Entrance Exam was 22nd April,after that we planned all our tour. My councelling date was 8th June,and very unfortunately my admission date to NSEC was 20th June,two days after the scheduled date of journey of ours. So normally giving importance to my admission we cancelled our tour by keeping heavy stones on our hearts.
Sometimes the finger was pointed towards me for the cancellation of this great tour. Really we had to sacrifice the tour only because of me but I couldn’t help it,as admission cannot be done without the candidate. My career was the first preference to us,so we had to sacrifice some rupes and main thing the tour.
So what??!! Bapi decided to go to Ladakh in 2008,the next year. That was a great decision he took,and we had to mollify ourselves by this decision,thinking after one year we will obviously go to Ladakh. As season for Ladakh travel is june-september,so we had to wait till june of 2008,till my 2nd semester was over.
My college started,1st semester was over on the month of December.
On March 2008 Ladakh tour came into our mind again. My schedule date of 2nd semester was 20th May and finishing date was 8th June. So after many discussions we decided to set off on 22nd June,we kept two weeks in hand for safety. We booked our train ticket on Kalka Mail on 22nd June.
But fate was really not with us. In the last week of May I came to know that my 2nd semester would start from 3rd June. Very quickly we shifted our date of journey to 30th June,and we decided not to go to Ladakh if this tour had to be cancelled again. Fortunately y semester examinations and all college formalities were over within 20th June. We were too glad to see our tour going to take place in reality.
We started the preparation,because it was a very tough tour. We almost completed our PhD in “tour to Ladakh” by reading several editions of
On 30th June our train Rajdhani Express was at 4:55pm.