Kolkata Lives…3

With the phuchka part is over I am getting so many things in my head about my city. The streets south Calcutta is not so wide actually to run vehicles,but still we manage to do the same. But the inconvenience starts with the footpath,these are supposed to be the path for feet,but these are heavily occupied by the hawkers,like near south city,in gariahat,rashbehari avenue,deshapriyo park,every where one can take his eyes. Not only this,one has to be careful about motorbikes while walking on the footpath. At the time off red signal in traffic many bike owners run their bikes through footpaths. Now before the vote of legislative assembly  we are experiencing some renovation of footpaths,roads,streets of various places in kolkata. Thanks to the vote 🙂
And another thing is wall writing,I am not talking about the Facebook wall,I am talking about the brick wall of streets and some houses too,various political parties give their advertisement to have vote,this is disgusting.and after vote dramatically they just white wash some wall writings,and by this they are spoiling the looks of the city! But Kolkata is a very good and convenient city,transportation is very cheap here, shops for everything,just everything are just there where one wants those to be. And infact you do not have to have a car for going to office,because buses and autorickshaws are too much in number,that you don’t have to wait for these,and in every route there is several buses available.
While walking through the streets of Kolkata one becomes a skilled person very soon,and his reflex action gets enhanced for sure,because he has to be cautious each and every moment for his life 🙂 ,and this is not a joke. So who has the habit of walking in villages or in less populated places he or she should not try a walk on the streets of Kolkata.
As I am saying about the hawkers,they are helpful in many ways,like in central Calcutta e.g. Part street,Esplanade ,there are many hawkers who is getting richer day by day by selling food,like dhosa,nun and ghugni,etc etc. thousnds of people eat from them and some other hawers like who sells mobile cover and such sort of things are useful, but actually for them many nonsense people,like specially young girls of my age,middle aged woman( I am leaving the oldies 🙂 ) stops suddenly guarding the passage to walk for the people who are behind of the them,and they even don’t care whether are bothered by that or not! This feeling is strange!! They even look behind to see who is waiting for them to move!
And some narrow roads are the abode of the rickshaw-wala,they are the kings of those roads and can smash way anyone,and you just have to see you getting smashed….if your are not very much alert!
An other important thing is many dangerous places and things are overlooked and are not handled with care,like they are remains may manhole opened for many days,like no one does notice,thankfully accident doesnot happen very often,because we are not new to Kolkata. But it will get closed if an accident happens or after many months when the corporation will get time!
Another disgusting thing is crow shit,I personally avoid tree shaded roads,because those grey roads looks white beneath the trees 🙂 and one has a high chance to be the target of crow shit! But this is an unavoidable thing.
Central Kolkata is more beautiful than south region but I think,south Kolkata is more citizen friendly than the north or central region! North Kolkata is the heart of kolkata,the main kolkata starts from there,but places there are so dirty! South region is much better than those! But to keep our city clean we the citizens have to be cautious,and for that,we have many things to learn from the foreign cities.
will be continued….