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Now I ask my name….which I found at first in my way… –A sweet smell of desire…… it has things to say.

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আনন্দপুরী থেকে নির্গমনে
প্রত্যহ অবস্থিত হই কত ভিড়ে,
পথচারীদের ঘাড়ের ওপরে
সে এক চির-ছায়াময় পথ ঘিরে।

সূর্য প্রতাপে আর গুমোটভাবে
নিগৃহীতা মানবী যে সকল,
তবু চলেছে ওঁরা অনরগল,হোক নিঃশেষিত জল,
আর আপণ সন্ততায় পাগল।

এহেন কর্মানুরাগীদের সাথে বচসা বাঁধে,
সে এক যুদ্ধ-ই বটে,নেইকো কৃপণতা।
কদাচিৎ তাই অনুত্তীর্ণ ধৈর্য্যের পরীক্ষায়
অর্থ হারায় স্বাধীনতা।

জীবনোদয়,কিন্তু যুদ্ধে পরাজয়,
মানিয়েছে পদজোড়া।
নিভৃতে মন কত প্রতিজ্ঞা গড়ায়
যা আজও পূর্বানুরূপ প্রতিবন্ধকতায় মোড়া।

তন্ত্র যদিও গণপ্রভাবে আতঙ্কিত নয় আজও।
এই রাজসম তান্ত্রিক পাঠের অর্থ তোমরাই তো বড় খোঁজো।।

Kolkata Lives…1

I have been in Kolkata since my birth in 1989,on 18th december.

So almost as long as 21 years. This is very good place for living satisfactorily. Everyday necessary things can be found at doorsteps. Though,as a global city,its rank is 63 out of 65 . It is not well furnished. I admit that this is a dirty place,houses are not as good looking as the American or European countries. But still to live easily,leaving behind the complexity of human life,Kolkata is a awesome city.

This was the first capital of the British ruled India. The writer of The National Anthem of the Independent India,Rabindranath Tagore belongs to Kolkata. The great Legend Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also from Kolkata. How more I should have to say to narrate the importance of this city. But still I have to admit that this not a ultra modern city,but again I am saying that I think here everyday expense like in transport,foods,electricity,gas everything is cheaper than any other city in India. This is the 4th populated city in the world and the 2nd populated(after Mumbai) in India. Here density of population is too much.

I don’t know much in details about the rest of the India as I know about Kolkata.

Many things atleast for people’s sake have to be looked after,and taken care of. Like many manholes in dark roads are kept open for months. KMC doesn’t get time to cover those as soon as possible.

Many wires are kept uninsulated and those hang in a dangerous height,we don’t even know whether

they are live or not!Many covered wires also keep hanging in a height of 3 to 4feets above the ground level. These are have to be taken care of.

I am not saying to remake Kolkata as New York. That‘s not desired at all. But public safety has to be increased and public property like footpath,streets are to be used properly as these should be! Like everyday I see Lots of Motorbikes use the Footpaths to avoid the jam. That should not be allowed. For that streets should be made wider,if possible. And last but not the least,illegal shops on the footpaths and on the railway platforms create inconveniences in everyday life…

And yes…some funny things and banners like Stone age can be still seen in the year 2010,like this picture–

Along these the main inconvenience is created by south city at anwar shah road. The traffic jam,the footpath blockage by the hawkers cum street food shop which have been come into lives for some public’s hungriness. They have to sit on the footpath,on the way of every foot. They sit like the land lords stretching their legs without any tention of breaking,like it’s their right to sit and block the footpath and creating inconvenience. Actually the story looks like that coming by car to sit on the footpath. And the traffic jam is absolutely unavoidable like at the Jadavpur Thana Jam. It has earned more name than Jadavpur Thana Jam. These South City flats are for the rich,richer and richest.

Kolkata Lives will be continued…