NSEC for Engineers

Other than IIT Kharagpur and NIT Durgapur,the list of top engineering colleges in West Bengal is somehow like that-
1]Jadavpur University(JU)
2]Bengal Engineering and Science University(BESU)
3]Institute of Engineering and Management(IEM)
4]Netaji Subhash Engineering College(NSEC)/St.Thomas/B.P Poddar/Techno India Saltlake
.and so on.
Now top two are under W.B Government and BESU is almost 100 years old. Elder than any other college in W.B. JU is almost 60 years old. And some other Government Colleges like Jalpaiguri Engineering College is not considered as too good as JU and BESU. Now colleges are preferred by students based on popularity and the amount of students get jobs in campus interviews. My college NSEC is considered as one of the best private engineering colleges in W.B. Because I think it is the oldest private engineering college in W.B,since 1998,and some other reasons are –

In 2005 the college was given accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering. In April 2008 the same accreditation was given for Information Technology. The college was also selected for an educational grant from the World Bank in its Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) as one of the few institutes in West Bengal. NSEC ranked Second in Project Implementation of TEQIP (following Jadavpur University which achieved first place in West Bengal).That is why this institute is regarded as one of the best in West Bengal based on the number of students who prefer this college over many other private engineering colleges of the state. But preference of JU and BESU over NSEC is only because of the much more fees per semester and less campussing. But quality is not at all different.
May be so students with better ranks choice JU and BESU as 1
st and 2nd . But in JU and BESU student who doesn’t deserve to get a job,get job. None sits idle there. But because of less amount of campus interviews in NSEC many deserved students do not get the chance to get a job. But I think that does not degrade the quality of NSEC. NSEC has the qualities which one college should possess for being a good engineering college. So for being too newer and for the fee structure it lags behind JU and BESU. And I don’t accept IEM as a engineering college,because it has no core engineering department in it. But still many students who doesn’t get Electronics and Telecommunication in JU go to IEM instead of BESU,here also the reason is campussing !! Being a too younger college than JU or BESU its achievement is very much appreciable. And last but not the least I being a standard student I am gladfor being a Electrical Engineering student of NSEC. And that ‘s why I could compare these colleges among them.