The 15th August of 2011

On this day in the year 1947 we got independency from the British Rule.  That means our body is controlled by our mind now,I meant we can do whatever we want. And so this is called independency! That means we have written our constitution,we have our own rules for our country,and independency in every where. We produce for our citizens,that’s also a sign of being independent. We have our own business policies for export and import of goods. Now think the way I am writing-
We are all independent,no one can stop us from doing or saying anything,the result may be bad or good,that’s different. 😛 We are so independent that we can stop anyone from being independent. We can stop one’s way and take his/her things at ease. Government employees(you know what I meant) are also independent,they will think whether they will work for the complaint or not. So independent we are! We can spit anywhere,who has the guts to stop us? We can break traffic rule,we make our own rules,but for that we have to invest a little bit of money for the public servants,some times 10rupees is more than enough to make our own rules! So people who say “are we really independent?” ,please read this and feel your independency 😉 .  So if you think we are still not independent,then do something to make yourself and your nation independent. 🙂 Come on…