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Indian Army in Kashmir Crisis

Ever Since I was born I have been told to be afraid of a state of India, Jammu and Kashmir. The Muslims of India are a part of minority and everybody says Hindus are majority. I have been having no hatred for any religion, I have no problems with others until they are causing any trouble in my way, thoughts and work which are also supposed to be harmless for others. India is a democratic country. Being weak in history and due to lack of enthusiasm in gathering information on any current hot topic(specially political, social etc) of our country I try to ask myself or others on what I see or hear and try to find the best possible answer by any means. Nevertheless discriminating ideas can converge into some favourable or non favourable conclusions. I cannot conclude much on any national or international issue which is currently buzzing in the market or historically had buzzed a lot because I lack information as I had said. But I can bring up some general queries or concern on some issues which we should be able to discuss with our common sense or the power of logical thinking.
I do not know why Pakistan is a Muslim country and I have heard that Hindus have been having a very tough situation out there.  I am born and brought up in Calcutta. Fortunately for me I am an Indian and then a Calcuttan. I have no political interest or I am not actively connected to any ancillary services of any social welfare organization. Only some occasional help for the needy is all I do for my satisfaction. I am passionate about my country and passionate about the ill wishers of India as well. Passion differs by its act though. It is heard and experienced that even in the heart of Calcutta one should restrain himself or herself from showing love and support for India. And one has to tolerate people talking against India and vehemently disrespecting her as well. I don’t know why in every such case it happens to be related with the same category of people. Whether they are causing any good or not any anti Indian activity is led by them only. Even in such cases police remains as mere audience. Many movies show what kind of oath they take while being absorbed in the police force. Again being lack of information may be I don’t know what is meant by devoted to our constitution.
Now recently I can witness that some educated Bengali Indians are also trying to prove our Indian Army is wrong. Being from West Bengal we also have a stretch of international border sharing with Bangladesh. Here BSF keeps patrolling the border. May be the minors are really minors here. I ask those people who is recently supporting the Kashmiris, why here in West Bengal there is no such independence movement, and if such movement starts here what kind of behaviour should we expect from our government?
Firstly there was only India, no Pakistan or Bangladesh. I am thankful to our ex and late prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi that she had helped making an Independent country Bangladesh. If we were to still be the neighbour of East Pakistan, may be the so called minorities would start crying for the independence of West Bengal. I am to see what those educated Bengali Indians would have to say then.
Now I come to the Kashmir issue. We that is our government and equivalently our army have had enough. The kashmiris are getting fooled by Pakistan everyday by some religious silly brain washes,and they are showcasing those by shouting against India. Some of them have even got the audacity to put on pakistani flag on the Indian soil. Social networks say they  go to schools, so they are educated, they are not uneducated atleast. Our house maid is totally uneducated, can’t even dial a number. Once I tried to inject some anti Indian thoughts into her mind but I proudly failed to do so. Because she knows that she is an Indian and she will die an Indian, she proudly cheers for India. So I ask the intelligent people who is raising their voice for the kashmiris, why don’t Indian army need to shoot rubber bullets to us except the Kashmiris? We are also sharing border with a brother of Pakistan. But as I am reading or hearing from  various sources that Indian army is torturing the Kashmiris, even the teenagers are not being spared. Why Indian Army is doing this only in Kashmir? What should they do when people staying in India raising voice against India? Should they mollify the people and proudly let Kashmir get out of India? Boys aged twelve-thirteen are even shouting against India. They want independence? Are we fool? They want to be attached with Pakistan. And there are severe religious brain washes. Some of the kind hearted Indians or may be Pakistanis are dragging the Indian celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bacchan by photoshopping their faces as wounded by rubber bullets and saying how would they feel. This shows their literacy level. Why would in dreams Indian army shoot at them with rubber bullets? That is what I have been asking, why don’t our army need to shoot at us except the kashmiris?
Why did I never get brain washed in the name of lord shiva ,in the name of durga? But they do get, every where in this country. As our country has ‘minorities’ and the minors are terrifying and are harming our land, Indian Army can’t help but help our land.
I know something, that for them we can smile and wander freely in our streets. About 8 to 9 years ago in Park Circus, Kolkata, a hindu-muslim riot kind of scene had arisen. As usual police was unable to handle the situation. Some uniformed men from Fort William needed minutes to peacefully handle the issue without even talking to anybody. This is just an example.
I am with our army. And I support them to handle strongly any anti Indian activity. May the super power strengthen their mind and bodies.
If anyone feels pity for the Kashmiris and think Indian Army is tyrant, please feel free to go to Kashmir and help them.



উহা কি ছিল সত্যই
যাহার কোনো চিহ্ন নাই আজ!
মোর জীবন দর্পণের সম্মুখে
কত ভীড় করিয়া দাঁড়ায় যত রূপকথার সাজ।

অদ্ভূত অশান্ত দিনগুলিতে
যত দুষ্প্রাপ্যের সন্ধান পাই।
কতক্ষণ অগ্রসর হইয়া,শান্ত পরিবেশে
কেন শান্তির ঠাঁই নাই?

যাহার উত্তর দিয়া আজ এক্ষণে
অশ্রুস্রোতে ভাসিবে হয়তো প্রস্তর কঠিন মন।
বোধকরি কত ছিলাম ধনী,
যদিও খুঁজিয়া পাইবে না ধন।

তাঁহার দুয়ার সম্মুখে মোর ভিক্ষার ঝুলি
আজও প্রশস্ত করিতে লজ্জা নাই মোর,
কত বাঁধা নস্যাৎ করিয়া
উন্মুক্ত করিয়া দিয়াছিল নিজ ক্রোড়।

রহিয়াছে দাঁড়ায়ে করিয়াছে সমৃদ্ধ
মোর জীবনকালীন আধার।
যাহাতে আজ সক্ষম হয়তো,
হইত না সম্ভব স্পর্শ ব্যতীত তাঁহার।

জীবনকালে এহেন মন্দিরে
আজ পূজা দিতে যাই যবে;
প্রার্থনা মোর শেষ সজ্জায়
তাঁহার পরশ লভে।।

-সৈকত মুখার্জ্জী


আনন্দপুরী থেকে নির্গমনে
প্রত্যহ অবস্থিত হই কত ভিড়ে,
পথচারীদের ঘাড়ের ওপরে
সে এক চির-ছায়াময় পথ ঘিরে।

সূর্য প্রতাপে আর গুমোটভাবে
নিগৃহীতা মানবী যে সকল,
তবু চলেছে ওঁরা অনরগল,হোক নিঃশেষিত জল,
আর আপণ সন্ততায় পাগল।

এহেন কর্মানুরাগীদের সাথে বচসা বাঁধে,
সে এক যুদ্ধ-ই বটে,নেইকো কৃপণতা।
কদাচিৎ তাই অনুত্তীর্ণ ধৈর্য্যের পরীক্ষায়
অর্থ হারায় স্বাধীনতা।

জীবনোদয়,কিন্তু যুদ্ধে পরাজয়,
মানিয়েছে পদজোড়া।
নিভৃতে মন কত প্রতিজ্ঞা গড়ায়
যা আজও পূর্বানুরূপ প্রতিবন্ধকতায় মোড়া।

তন্ত্র যদিও গণপ্রভাবে আতঙ্কিত নয় আজও।
এই রাজসম তান্ত্রিক পাঠের অর্থ তোমরাই তো বড় খোঁজো।।

Kolkata TCS….1

I was waiting sadly to go to Hyderabad,and was counting my days! Suddenly TCS started rescheduling our dates of ILP( I had mentioned in my earlier post what ILP stands for). Some of us whose Joining date was 13/10/2011,was changed to 10th of October,and this was a real harassment for them. Suddenly on 7th of september one of my friend called me and told that some were being rescheduled to Kolkata,I confirmed it on 8th september that many people’s date had been changed to 28th September,and place Kolkata! I got totally mad, and when I came back home I didn’t find myself that lucky!! I and one of my departmental friend were cursing TCS,the whole night I was thinking how unlucky I was!! And was very much upset for ‘us’ ( ‘us’ refers to me and someone). On the very next day I woke up at 11am and before getting fresh I opened Facebook,because facebook gives many important news. So being frustrated about my luck I opened facebook,and saw that someone had written that her ILP had been rescheduled to Kolkata on 26th September,and many other were commenting and acknowledging. I got too much excited and opened our TCS portal,and saw my ILP had also been rescheduled to Kolkata and joining on 26th september!! I got mad again in happiness,in excitement,specially when I thought that she would be very much happy I was kissing my luck,and without wasting any time I informed her,she was very much happy and shared that with a risky person,that is her mother 🙂
This is how my luck is getting back everytime,and we are loving it !! 🙂

Kolkata Lives…4

This subject needs some more writings. But nothing is enough to describe the nature of this city and the citizens of Kolkata. I have been noticing some real bad things about this city,and these are needed to be rectified immediately by what so ever method.
Like my father was admitted to two hospitals AMRI dhakuria and Rubi General Hospital. I have not experienced anything bad about AMRI,I mention again that it’s my experience. But doctor’s are very hard to meet,this is really bad part of the hospitals of Kolkata, and the money seeking tendency is too much here,for that the doctor did not give any medication for my dad after he was released,and for that he had to suffer a lot,they took good care at the emergency time,I am really grateful for this. They have saved my dad’s life,but after that to pull it out from it’s root they did nothing. I curse them for that.
After that the experience of Rubi is much more worse than AMRI. Doctor under whom he got admitted in Rubi was good,only this was the good thing in this portion of medication. My dad had to be given a Meropenem intraveinous injection,not instantly,with a duration of 40mins it had to be given. But one night a nurse was going to inject that instantly,dad noticed that and he did not allow to do that,he repeatedly asked the nurse,but she was over sure about that,dad got up from his bed and approached the head nurse,she was shocked and banned that nurse from dad’s room! Though they apologized and promised not to happen again,but that does not cover anything,if that mistake would have happened my dad could have collapsed and died. These precautionary measures in these hospitals are very important to take,but they lack in this thing. I would like the governing body of the hospital or government of West Bengal to know these facts about the hospitals,because business with life and death cannot be permitted! And I have no experience about the government hospitals,but I know something that they are in terrible conditions,and need to be renovated and taken care immediately.
will be continued…

Kolkata Lives…3

With the phuchka part is over I am getting so many things in my head about my city. The streets south Calcutta is not so wide actually to run vehicles,but still we manage to do the same. But the inconvenience starts with the footpath,these are supposed to be the path for feet,but these are heavily occupied by the hawkers,like near south city,in gariahat,rashbehari avenue,deshapriyo park,every where one can take his eyes. Not only this,one has to be careful about motorbikes while walking on the footpath. At the time off red signal in traffic many bike owners run their bikes through footpaths. Now before the vote of legislative assembly  we are experiencing some renovation of footpaths,roads,streets of various places in kolkata. Thanks to the vote 🙂
And another thing is wall writing,I am not talking about the Facebook wall,I am talking about the brick wall of streets and some houses too,various political parties give their advertisement to have vote,this is disgusting.and after vote dramatically they just white wash some wall writings,and by this they are spoiling the looks of the city! But Kolkata is a very good and convenient city,transportation is very cheap here, shops for everything,just everything are just there where one wants those to be. And infact you do not have to have a car for going to office,because buses and autorickshaws are too much in number,that you don’t have to wait for these,and in every route there is several buses available.
While walking through the streets of Kolkata one becomes a skilled person very soon,and his reflex action gets enhanced for sure,because he has to be cautious each and every moment for his life 🙂 ,and this is not a joke. So who has the habit of walking in villages or in less populated places he or she should not try a walk on the streets of Kolkata.
As I am saying about the hawkers,they are helpful in many ways,like in central Calcutta e.g. Part street,Esplanade ,there are many hawkers who is getting richer day by day by selling food,like dhosa,nun and ghugni,etc etc. thousnds of people eat from them and some other hawers like who sells mobile cover and such sort of things are useful, but actually for them many nonsense people,like specially young girls of my age,middle aged woman( I am leaving the oldies 🙂 ) stops suddenly guarding the passage to walk for the people who are behind of the them,and they even don’t care whether are bothered by that or not! This feeling is strange!! They even look behind to see who is waiting for them to move!
And some narrow roads are the abode of the rickshaw-wala,they are the kings of those roads and can smash way anyone,and you just have to see you getting smashed….if your are not very much alert!
An other important thing is many dangerous places and things are overlooked and are not handled with care,like they are remains may manhole opened for many days,like no one does notice,thankfully accident doesnot happen very often,because we are not new to Kolkata. But it will get closed if an accident happens or after many months when the corporation will get time!
Another disgusting thing is crow shit,I personally avoid tree shaded roads,because those grey roads looks white beneath the trees 🙂 and one has a high chance to be the target of crow shit! But this is an unavoidable thing.
Central Kolkata is more beautiful than south region but I think,south Kolkata is more citizen friendly than the north or central region! North Kolkata is the heart of kolkata,the main kolkata starts from there,but places there are so dirty! South region is much better than those! But to keep our city clean we the citizens have to be cautious,and for that,we have many things to learn from the foreign cities.
will be continued….

Kolkata Lives…1

I have been in Kolkata since my birth in 1989,on 18th december.

So almost as long as 21 years. This is very good place for living satisfactorily. Everyday necessary things can be found at doorsteps. Though,as a global city,its rank is 63 out of 65 . It is not well furnished. I admit that this is a dirty place,houses are not as good looking as the American or European countries. But still to live easily,leaving behind the complexity of human life,Kolkata is a awesome city.

This was the first capital of the British ruled India. The writer of The National Anthem of the Independent India,Rabindranath Tagore belongs to Kolkata. The great Legend Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also from Kolkata. How more I should have to say to narrate the importance of this city. But still I have to admit that this not a ultra modern city,but again I am saying that I think here everyday expense like in transport,foods,electricity,gas everything is cheaper than any other city in India. This is the 4th populated city in the world and the 2nd populated(after Mumbai) in India. Here density of population is too much.

I don’t know much in details about the rest of the India as I know about Kolkata.

Many things atleast for people’s sake have to be looked after,and taken care of. Like many manholes in dark roads are kept open for months. KMC doesn’t get time to cover those as soon as possible.

Many wires are kept uninsulated and those hang in a dangerous height,we don’t even know whether

they are live or not!Many covered wires also keep hanging in a height of 3 to 4feets above the ground level. These are have to be taken care of.

I am not saying to remake Kolkata as New York. That‘s not desired at all. But public safety has to be increased and public property like footpath,streets are to be used properly as these should be! Like everyday I see Lots of Motorbikes use the Footpaths to avoid the jam. That should not be allowed. For that streets should be made wider,if possible. And last but not the least,illegal shops on the footpaths and on the railway platforms create inconveniences in everyday life…

And yes…some funny things and banners like Stone age can be still seen in the year 2010,like this picture–

Along these the main inconvenience is created by south city at anwar shah road. The traffic jam,the footpath blockage by the hawkers cum street food shop which have been come into lives for some public’s hungriness. They have to sit on the footpath,on the way of every foot. They sit like the land lords stretching their legs without any tention of breaking,like it’s their right to sit and block the footpath and creating inconvenience. Actually the story looks like that coming by car to sit on the footpath. And the traffic jam is absolutely unavoidable like at the Jadavpur Thana Jam. It has earned more name than Jadavpur Thana Jam. These South City flats are for the rich,richer and richest.

Kolkata Lives will be continued…