Saikat Mukherjee

Now I ask my name….which I found at first in my way… –A sweet smell of desire…… it has things to say.


The Engineering era………2

I talked about my college introduction. I am in TCS now,I can really realise what an institution is for me,how much different it’s from the job place. School was like home,committing crime was punishable but like parents punish their child. And in College committing crime was not always punishable 😉 ,like my father’s place,one should tactfully commit crime,even if you get caught,good rapport with some teachers would solve the issue. When I was in school wanted to pass the school as quickly as possible,when I was in college,though there was much relaxation in college,but school is the heart,college is the ribs and for the work place,there is no place inside the body,because that place is polluted.
Anyway,our first year was really nice,many labs,but no exams would take place,only some friendly viva,our  College NSEC was so friendly 🙂 I miss that 4years very much really. I miss each and every moment i have passed with DK,Nilesh,Dadu(shiladitya),Abhirup. In the first and second year DK’s mess was my pass time venue,I,Promit,Debashish,Tatha used not to attend boring lectures of teachers(because you know I think myself as a pondit,and like to know things by myself),and would go to nearby DK’s mess and take rest. I didn’t know how to play Twentynine(cards),so DK,Promit,Debashish,Tatha used to play twentynine and I used to poke them,or listen to my ipod songs and as that place is under WestBengal State Electricity Board,running fan was rare there,and even with our sweating bodies we used to enjoy a lot in our own way,they used to smoke,and flooded slangs were our recreating agent. The hot rooms would lead us to open our shirts. Though we had to remind about our practical class starting from may be 3:10pm. Our sad face would suddenly appear,we used to think “no current no lab,..oh no…generators are there,shit!! 😦 ” Really equally costly days of my life like my school days,now I realise,though not much good friends were made in the college days but the fun,laugh,arrogance will ever be missed by me. Even one day I quarrelled with DK,and the issue was carrom 😀 . I was standing for long to play carrom in the common room. Suddenly DK came and placed himself as a king,I became angry,and was not allowing him to play,anyhow I was desperate not to let him play!!!! I am amazed why I took it so seriously! 😀 That was so serious that time,and so funny for now!After a bit argument DK left the common room angrily. I was like winning the world cup 😀 . For some days we didn’t talk,and then may be DK took the initiative to resolve the issues.
Another boy of our class looks like chimpanzee,I named him ‘Shimpu’ ,he was very sad for that,he used to say,even now also he says I spoiled his college life by naming this 😀 ,he was famous with that name,and I was proud for that. I had had some issues with Shimpu also. Once in first year in physics lab I was making some graphs,and there was no electricity at that time,so naturally my head was not so cool at that point of time. I was going through my work,suddenly I had to go to madam for some reason,when I returned to my seat I saw Shimpu had shifted my things to somewhere else and had taken my seat. I calmly told him to get back where he was,he was like he hadn’t hear anything. I just threw him along with his chair(a tool). He got up and slammed on my nose,nothing severe happened though,but I was thinking like killing him,DK stopped me and told me to calm down and let me see him outside,I agreed. After the lab session was over,I was waiting outside removing my wrist watch(DK was holding that),shimpu came out,I punched on his face,he tried the same but failed. Anyway that was resolved again by some second year seniors,seniors were really helpful,and I will say THESE DAYS WILL NEVER COME AGAIN. I have left those days 😦
will be continued……..


The Engineering era………1

I was to read science in the Higher Secondary,that was my as well my father’s choice,obviously…why not..I used to have damn good concept in maths and physical sciences and I feel proud of me,and a total thanks to my father,he is the only reason behind my in depth knowledge and whatever marks I got.
I had always been in Jodhpur Park Boys School from class II(1996) to Class XII(2007) and 2007 was one of the best year of my life. I got a good marks in the science group(physics,chemistry,maths)…there was  a massacre in physics in our section-A,I was one of the heroes in physics while everyone was smashed by the f*cking examiner…I doubt whether he knows any physics or not..becuase I was flawless in my writings in the exam. I could have challenged and pull that bustard’s pant down. Anyway I didn’t do so because WBJEE result had got out before that,and I had to go to the counselling with all my genuine marksheets and certificates,So I was happily dissatisfied with my 82% marks in physics.
I and DK(saikat gupta) decided to choose the same college and same department of Engineering,that is the Electrical Engineering. We chose N.S.E.C as our college.
I was quite excited about the start of my college life and moreover my father was very happy as I got into a core stream of reputed Engineering college of Kolkata.
Our admission was 20th July,2007…and for that we had to cancel our Ladakh tour 😦 ,though we made it in 2008 🙂 . Anyway our first day of college was 2nd August,2007. I was in casuals,like a red T-shirt and a jeans,some Seniors of 2nd year were there inside the class room where we were asked to sit. They were just talking to us and just some interactions,nothing of ragging kinda. On that day,after some time director of our college came and were talking craps,anyway that was called as lecture! I have a very good habit of not following ‘lectures’,this my instinct actually. And for that,school teachers used to curse me a lot! 😛 For that,teachers used to throw their grievances to my father. And from the very first day of my school I used to care a damn on these issues! 😀
Now one can imagine how I can be in my college days! 😛
Anyway I was saying my first day at college. It was a duration of 1 to 2hours  in the college. While going out of the college our 2nd year seniors told us not to wear casuals before the freshers’ welcome. So we had to wear formal shirts/Tshirts  and trousers,I had only one or two trousers,so I had to use them in turns. 9th september was our freshers’ welcome,it was really well organized and I participated in a quiz,and was representing Electrical department with a team of three members. We came out third amongst five departments 😛 . Apart from this the food was good,a packet of biriyani for everyone. Unluckily on that particular day I did not carry any money sufficient to buy a bottle of water,I was dying to drink,D.K helped me out,and we enjoyed a lot,and returned to home on 10:30pm  by local train,and we were really damn tired!!
will be continued……

NSEC for Engineers

Other than IIT Kharagpur and NIT Durgapur,the list of top engineering colleges in West Bengal is somehow like that-
1]Jadavpur University(JU)
2]Bengal Engineering and Science University(BESU)
3]Institute of Engineering and Management(IEM)
4]Netaji Subhash Engineering College(NSEC)/St.Thomas/B.P Poddar/Techno India Saltlake
.and so on.
Now top two are under W.B Government and BESU is almost 100 years old. Elder than any other college in W.B. JU is almost 60 years old. And some other Government Colleges like Jalpaiguri Engineering College is not considered as too good as JU and BESU. Now colleges are preferred by students based on popularity and the amount of students get jobs in campus interviews. My college NSEC is considered as one of the best private engineering colleges in W.B. Because I think it is the oldest private engineering college in W.B,since 1998,and some other reasons are –

In 2005 the college was given accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering. In April 2008 the same accreditation was given for Information Technology. The college was also selected for an educational grant from the World Bank in its Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) as one of the few institutes in West Bengal. NSEC ranked Second in Project Implementation of TEQIP (following Jadavpur University which achieved first place in West Bengal).That is why this institute is regarded as one of the best in West Bengal based on the number of students who prefer this college over many other private engineering colleges of the state. But preference of JU and BESU over NSEC is only because of the much more fees per semester and less campussing. But quality is not at all different.
May be so students with better ranks choice JU and BESU as 1
st and 2nd . But in JU and BESU student who doesn’t deserve to get a job,get job. None sits idle there. But because of less amount of campus interviews in NSEC many deserved students do not get the chance to get a job. But I think that does not degrade the quality of NSEC. NSEC has the qualities which one college should possess for being a good engineering college. So for being too newer and for the fee structure it lags behind JU and BESU. And I don’t accept IEM as a engineering college,because it has no core engineering department in it. But still many students who doesn’t get Electronics and Telecommunication in JU go to IEM instead of BESU,here also the reason is campussing !! Being a too younger college than JU or BESU its achievement is very much appreciable. And last but not the least I being a standard student I am gladfor being a Electrical Engineering student of NSEC. And that ‘s why I could compare these colleges among them.


I was a 17 years old boy when I appeared for the H.S and WBJEE. I got admitted to Netaji Subhash Engineering College(NSEC). This is one of the best private engineering colleges and one of the best engineering colleges of West Bengal. There is JU,BESU reknowned as engineering degree colleges. They are admired by the students and are the first preferences after WBJEE result is out. But this admiration is there only for their ages. My college NSEC was established in 1998 with EE, ECE, CSE. It is now 12 years old,but a very good college in the true sense. NSEC is no lesser than JU except in area of campus,and that’s not a matter actually. We have to think though NSEC is only 12 years old,but it has achieved a lots of respects and many costly stuffs. I am quite sure that it’s not far away that it will be recognized nationally. The locality is a suburban area,and college is under WBSEB,that’s a problem. It has no hostel facility. There are lots of house for rent for the outsider students to stay. Me and DK was school friends from class XI, DK’s rank in WBJEE was 4970 and mine was 4983,so we decided to go to the same college. We went to the pre councelling at Netaji Indoor Stadium. We both voted for NSEC. We decided to take Electrical Engineering as it is a core engineering subject. And the Electrical Department of NSEC is too good to experience.