Kolkata Lives…2

I was just off with this topic,as it’s not so easy to give information about a city like calcutta.
Actually Calcutta has many bads and some to much conveniences which one can’t expect in a foreign city ,or any other city of India too. South Calcutta where I live in,here is many posh areas like southern avenue,ballygunge circular road,Jodhpur Park. In this post I am going to tell about some food courts of calcutta and their atmospheres.
I was in peter cat on 31st october, the foods they provide are quite good in the true sense, they have their permission for drinking publicly inside the restaurant,but for the price of drinks one should think about it. But price for the food should worth that,not high price with good quality,that’s what every body demands. There is no chinese foods.
I had experienced Kwality too. I really like the food of this restaurant,really,very nice atmosphere,with a separate smoking zone, in case of atmosphere I will keep Kwality before Peter Cat. For foods both of these provides value for money!
Another very nice food provider is DHABA,at ballygunge phari,opposite to Kwality. One will never think for money when he is in DHABA. Prices are comparatively almost same with PC and Kwality. I would refer one to the Fish Tandoori of DHABA,a must have thing when one is going to DHABA. Ground and 2nd floor are non air conditioned,and the 1st floor is air conditioned with same quality of food in each floor! I had eaten in ground and 2nd floor,2nd floor has a asbestos shed…but wait,don’t think it’s nasty place,yeah it has not the ethics may be,but too good quality of food one can get there! I will give these three places the same rankings.
Yeah,another one restaurant Marco Polo,at Southern Avenue, it’s costlier than the previous three,I would say it’s costlier only due to the polish and varnishes! Food is not that higher standard! In the southern avenue branch there is no chinese dishes available,I can’t tell about the Park Street branch!
And a very popular amongst the riches is Mainland China. It’s too costly for nothing. I would say if you want to enjoy don’t go there,it would burn your pocket dissatisfying your stomach! I have visited the place at South City for once!
These are the food places I have experienced.
For ice cream I would say buy from any shop,Amul Swirl 🙂 ,very nice.Or if one has to go to any parlour of ice cream,go to Hobby Center at Park Street!
For juice I am saying about Paramount,at college street,but it is not that good with respect to the money it takes!
For coffee parlour,I would prefer Cafe Coffee Day(CCD). They though take enough money for one cup of coffee,but overall a lively atmosphere,and good behaviour of the waiters leads me to go there again and again. I would say go to South City CCD.
These are the well popular places to eat and drink. Oh yeah I  forgot to mention about a place where one can drink wine,is at his home! 🙂 or if outside one can choose Oly Pub at Park Street!
Some eating places at footpath are also really nice like the almost all place at Park Street,though there atmosphere is very bad,pollution,crow shit,everything one has to face 🙂 and specially when I see the plates they are reusing after only a nominal wash with pretty dirty water I just have to move my eyes away from those,otherwise one can’t eat there..but when you taste the food,it’s quite good…and for dhosa one should visit Dakshinapan at Dhakuria Busstand! For Paan I would keep Park Street or North Calcutta is far far better than South Calcutta.
And don’t eat phuchkas other than South Calcutta,here you can get cheapest quality phuchkas,7pieces in 5Rs,I asked a phuchka wala at park street,he said 5pieces in 10 rupees!!! 🙂 So just think.

will be continued…