Kolkata Lives…4

This subject needs some more writings. But nothing is enough to describe the nature of this city and the citizens of Kolkata. I have been noticing some real bad things about this city,and these are needed to be rectified immediately by what so ever method.
Like my father was admitted to two hospitals AMRI dhakuria and Rubi General Hospital. I have not experienced anything bad about AMRI,I mention again that it’s my experience. But doctor’s are very hard to meet,this is really bad part of the hospitals of Kolkata, and the money seeking tendency is too much here,for that the doctor did not give any medication for my dad after he was released,and for that he had to suffer a lot,they took good care at the emergency time,I am really grateful for this. They have saved my dad’s life,but after that to pull it out from it’s root they did nothing. I curse them for that.
After that the experience of Rubi is much more worse than AMRI. Doctor under whom he got admitted in Rubi was good,only this was the good thing in this portion of medication. My dad had to be given a Meropenem intraveinous injection,not instantly,with a duration of 40mins it had to be given. But one night a nurse was going to inject that instantly,dad noticed that and he did not allow to do that,he repeatedly asked the nurse,but she was over sure about that,dad got up from his bed and approached the head nurse,she was shocked and banned that nurse from dad’s room! Though they apologized and promised not to happen again,but that does not cover anything,if that mistake would have happened my dad could have collapsed and died. These precautionary measures in these hospitals are very important to take,but they lack in this thing. I would like the governing body of the hospital or government of West Bengal to know these facts about the hospitals,because business with life and death cannot be permitted! And I have no experience about the government hospitals,but I know something that they are in terrible conditions,and need to be renovated and taken care immediately.
will be continued…