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The Sachin Tendulkar

A name that defines cricket,describes what is batting,may be in a strange manner. He came to Indian Cricket Team in 1989,at a age of 16years,when I was still not born.But he started playing ODI from my birth date,18/12/1989,that is a heavenly feeling when I remind this. He,in a so little age batted against some of the best bowlers of all times,he was totally different and has been flawless till now,only for 21years,more appropriately picture perfect creator of all cricketing shots. Two type of batsmen are there in world cricket-1)Sachin, and 2)other batsmen. All accept this,not only me! He has got nothing to achieve any more. He plays for his country like a soldier dies for his country. He has got  50 centuries in Test cricket,and 46 in ODI,so total of 96. 100 centuries are knocking at his bat.None at present is comparable with him,but I don’t know why he is compared with bradman…  sachin’s style,way of batting is so perfect that one can’t move his eyes while he is in song. Bradman is someone else,Sachin is Sachin,not a batsman yet anymore. He is a reference frame,with respect to what one can measure his own batting capability. He is the creator of a rare,and one only age of cricket name SACHIN’s AGE of CRICKET. He can’t be described by anyone,none has the capability to criticize about him,if someone does so then he is a fool. One will never get bored by seeing repeatedly a shot played by Sachin. His batting video can heal one’s sadness in no time! He is above everything in cricket,a real hero of our INDIA. We are all so proud of Sachin that he will ever be remembered till the earth dies!


Tendulkar in a deserved look

Sachin Tendulkar has been conferred Indian Air Force’s honorary rank of Group Captain.
Under the provision of grant of honorary rank by Armed Forces to eminent personalities acknowledging their contribution towards the nation, the President and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India conferred Tendulkar the honorary rank of Group Captain of the Indian Air Force. Earlier the Air Force had said that besides the recognition, Sachin’s association with the IAF will motivate the younger generation to join the Air Force to serve the country. Tendulkar is the first sportsperson to be conferred this honour. He is also the first person with no aviation background to have got this honour.


After being a Mega servant of India,he deserves this respect,which Indian Air Force has shown to him. One of the greatest of India who makes us to feel proud,and makes us to respect and love him more and more with days. As the name is Sachin Tendulkar,today in 2010 every Indian should agree to this decision of IAF.