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Before Joining TCS

I was selected in TCS on 31st december,2010.  And was waiting for the date to join,atleast I was eagerly waiting for my joining letter to come. We were hearing that TCS had given joining letters to some colleges and that time was on April,2011. On 26th July,2011 some of our college mates of various departments got their Joining Letter,their joining date was given on 17th october in Ahmedabad.We were astonished that the rests did not get on the same date. What we could do was only to wait. We waited and got a comparatively better result 😉 . We got our joining letter on 2nd august,and joining date was 13th october in Hyderabad. So we were very glad and could not suppress our excitement so some of us created several groups in facebook on ILP at Hyderabad.(NOTE:ILP is Initial Learning Program). And several students,several opinion,someone is giving data related to TCS. Many of us are concerned about the legal documents we need to made. So overall a busy and interesting month is ahead of us. And I am just amazed after seeing the buildings of TCS,gigantic buildings…so fabulous they are! The buildings are just awesome! I am just counting days now. But in other side of mine I don’t want to leave Kolkata,because I have to leave my heart away from me for some days. I don’t know how it would be possible! But I know that my heart will always support me to live,to stand steady. If “you” are reading this understand what I meant. And now 5 important documentations I have to make-service agreement,surety verification form,Affidavit/Notarized undertaking,medical fitness certificate and Background Check Verification. So a lot of time is needed to be given for these stuffs. People are concerned with ASPIRE mail also,I am not even bothered by that(NOTE:ASPIRE is Pre-ILP learning,nothing much).
When on 2nd august I got my Joining Letter I told my father and immediately we checked for train and plane tickets in the internet. AC berth in Falaknama and Eastcoast express were not available,so we decided why not try flight,hope fully if everything remains in my favour my first flight journey will become successfull on 12th October. The place where my ILP center is Nanakramguda village,Serilingampalli Mandal,R.R District. Names are funny really,and 12 to 15Km away from airport, My parents are also going with me,because we have the habit of living together,so they are not enjoying my new journey at all 😛 . I also may have some difficulty in living without them. We had seen some pictures of our will be residence at Hyderabad, and I am impressed. The thing to be concerned  about is the fooding. So I will not take risk, I will learn cooking. Some one has said me that I will be guided when I will cook. 🙂
What?? No more for this post. Many more about TCS and The one who will be guiding me in my cooking will be coming soon. Have patience…patience 😉


Before TCS…

I am just writing about a subject,which I never thought to write. I was giving my 7th semester exam,at completion of the last day of exam,we went outside of the college,and felt the coldness outside,it was too cold outside,cold wind was blowing and was not a big problem for me,I was inside my jacket,but my two friends D.K and Nilesh was wearing less,only a half sweater and dk only a full shirt,so they were in a condition of being freezed! And with the shit fate,the tea stall was closed. Anyway,we were sitting outside in the cold on the stairs of those shops. And I was cherishing the cold,infact.
Anyway at the time to return D.K told me to read well for the upcoming campus drive of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services). I am too much careless about this job thing,I have never cared to get a good job,I have never desired actually.
More over for this IT companies knowledges on programming languages like C,C++ etc are quite necessary, and I have almost zero knowledge on those. Not a big in Electrical too though 🙂 .
I took this interview matter too lightly,intentionally. After some 2 or 3 days we came to know that TCS was coming on 28th december,2010 at Techno India(TIG) Saltlake for the all Techno India Colleges. And NSEC is the main of them. We have a reputation for TCS, like TCS likes mass recruitment from our college! I was totally indifferent in all those. DK told me that for our college 75% both in madhyamik and H.S and a GPA of 7.5 is what we require for direct interview.I had it! and failing this criteria would lead one to sit for the aptitude test to be eligible for the interview,which was to be held on 30th december,2010 at TIG Saltlake. Okay,I had nothing to prove there,because I was totally indifferent unlike the other students,everyone was just swallowing the C,or Data structure for this interview,they were desperate to crack the job. And I was as cool as ever,because I knew that I would not be able to answer computer science based questions,so trying for only 3 or 4days would have certainly gone to vain.and in electrical subjects,not the same but I was in a fairly bad condition. So on 28th we were to submit resume(C.V),and the properly filled up application form of TCS. I did it quite efficiently 🙂 .
Then suddenly I started suffering due to stomach illness,I was almost deciding against the interview,but father was ferocious,his words were “you go,you don’t have to perform well,but let you face such situation for the very first time in your life,you just gain some experience”. I was totally in a negative mood,two of my friends and Nads(bonu) were also encouraging me to go to the interview.
Actually I had nothing to lose, the worst thing that could have happened was me not selected for the job. But happened the opposite!
I went there like a walk in the park! I was without any suit or tie,I was in my style,but obviously wearing a very nice formal wear. We were waiting in the class rooms for atleast of two hours,then after 11:30 it was the time to crack. In the first round of the interview almost 60 names were called,I was in there,I was the first one from the electrical department,I was not expecting my name for the very first round. Everyone was patting on my shoulder,at that moment a bit of nervousness caught me! Then in no time I made myself realized why so!! They were not going to kill me or make me out of the college,worst thing could have happened was not getting the job,and that was not going to upset me in anyway!
Those 60 candidates were led by a TCS employee who took us to sit in a place just after the entrance,in the both side of that place there were two big halls.From the left one I was called for the interview.I entered and there was almost 24 to 30 students who were being interviewed in a 1:1 ratio,students and employee respectively. Inside the hall there were 4 waiting chairs,I was sitting on one of these. After 5mins I was called by a young man(lower grade employee may be) with my filled up form in his hand. He took me to a table where he kept the form and told me to sit,I was standing till the interviewer took his seat. I sat with his permission. He was a very nice middle aged guy,one can describe his simplicity from his face. I was very politely asked some nominal questions,some H.R type(very common),and I cleverly didn’t express any knowledge on C programming in my C.V unlike others,so that I he could not prove me wrong, he never looked dissatisfied with my answer, very interesting guy,with positive attitude towards candidates,and may be I was benefited more because I was the first person to him who was to be interviewed. I don’t know how I was so cool there,as if like nothing was happening,that was may be due to his attitude towards me. His reactions after every answer and my answers also satisfied me too much. A maximum of 15 minutes I was interviewed.Finally he looked damn satisfied,and said “ok Saikat,I am done”. I firmly shook his hand,in a gentle manner,and asked him whether I could leave the room or not! And moreover his behaviour and support was too much encouraging. I left the room in style,and then went upwards to share those moments with my friends,they were looking to be in a huge pressure 🙂 .
I left the college and called my father and said how nice the experience I had had.
will be continued….