About internal affairs of India,Maoist issue….

Today some places in India are too much affected by Maoists. Places like some parts of West Bengal i.e. Medinipur mostly…may a few more places too. Actually their demand is against the W.B Govt. So W.B Government has never tried for a peaceful meeting but they have always been violent and that means a never solving case. Like throwing oil to put out fire.  On other side Trinomul Congress i trying to win Maoists’ hearts,by delivering speech at core area of Maoists like Lalgarh in Medinipur. On that case Leftfront is trying to stop these movements of Mamata Banerjee,by hitting a trailer at the back of her car..!! So one can understand This is the present situation of West Bengal. This Maoist problem has spread over Jharkhand,Orissa,Bihar,Andhra Pradesh. Now what I think is to handle it with delicacy and care for the sake of stability of India. This is a national issue,whether it is s regional problem or not….issue is national always. As the Mumbai attack in the year of 2008 was a treated as an attack to the nation. We fought against that with no mercy and still fighting tactically non violently. It was a foreign attack to India. It was like the fight of India against outsiders.
In the case of the Maoist issue it is turning to be an internal fight,that is harming India and will always harm. It is not a case to fear or demolishing this terrorism,but it is a case to shame. This is has to be stopped immediately before it spreads over all other parts of India. But it can’t be stopped by fighting and demolishing them,if Indian Govt wants they can do so,but Maoist is Indian terrorist group,who are well below the poverty level,and they are in severe and several problems for which they are fighting to solve to save them. As Govt remains indifferent to their horrible way of living the life,they get hurt. They want the solution,they want literacy,they want to see a better life,they want to see the brighter part of the world…they are immersed in a permanent darkness,which they want to uncover. May be government is realising that or not. If not,then they have to realise it first and fast. And take some fruitful action which will give fruit to their dying trees. They are Indians as we are…but they can’t express themselves as we do. As they are Indians they no one to fight against.
This terrorism has to be stopped by peaceful meeting with them….and everyone has to agree to make this meeting happen. And to try to fulfill their needs will lead this problem to solve. As it is an internal issue we should not fight among us. That will always degrade the unity gradually and that will affect badly to the fate of India. “Unity in the diversity” will only remain as some meaningless words only.