Saikat Mukherjee

Now I ask my name….which I found at first in my way… –A sweet smell of desire…… it has things to say.

Dhoni might not hit once more

He is the man who brought us so much pride that we never had had before and may be we could never have had without his underlying understanding of the game. If the fans or the haters think it’s the time for him to bid cricket good bye, yes they are rightly logical, he has no more than ten percent of his original abilities right now. Age is catching him up faster than he can run.
But the fact is he has shown his ability to play the game of cricket and the necessary temperament to drag the team towards the winning line and cross it even from the jaws of defeat for several times which nobody is even near to beat his numbers.
He has never been a beautiful to watch batsman, he has neither got the proper footwork nor the proper copy book techniques to bat but his numbers say otherwise. He is the oldest and still the fastest on the field and on the pitch. But I, we detest him for his slowness, some of us can only see the outcome and the shots played, they don’t have the insight of the game, they don’t have the ability to see any difference with a ODI from a bilateral series and a ODI from world cup group stage and a ODI from a knockout. Anyway, this old man has still given us runs which were much required in certain precarious stages of certain matches in this world cup with a second highest scorer of the semifinal. He has not been the keeper he used to be. He is not the captain, but the captain who should not be the one, rightly feels he is the captain; this amount of reverence cannot be bought, it can only be earned, it is priceless. He had given us hope and fulfilled on several occasions. In his last world cup match he was not sent by his captain where he might have sent himself if he was the captain. But still every Indians including the haters of this man cultivated a hope, a dream and rather a substantial amount of faith of qualifying for the finals that till he was at the crease in a stage like knockout he would not let us down and they still believe he would not have let us down if…there are many ifs including his slowness and usual umpiring incapabilities which could have changed the length of the ball bowled and so the result. I cannot finish while writing about this man, some say i am biased, I would tell them I am not a seasonal cricket watcher and I am still less hurt than the 2003 world cup final.
Anyway this man had started his career with a runout and finished a golden circle of cricketing life with the same. May everybody’s wish (singular because wishes are same) of him retiring right now comes true.

Indian Doctrine

India has been an epitome of tolerance. Like a deity who bestows on us with tolerant skills and no controller to vary its parameters according to its needs. This is what we are taught since childhood. This is our cultural upbringing and have never gone at par as the situations have demanded over the ages. Our small heads unknowingly get wisely taught about our civilisation and behavioural attitude towards human being. A weird elementary lesson of kindness is inherited in our worldly bodies to bear and go on with those without much significant reactions. We had been looted but are lucky to be fair with the help of some diplomatic and selfish British brains with whom we could construct our country driving book, the biggest of its kind, the Indian Constitution. Somehow we are proud of what we have got as a country and its rules to reside in. Actually the rules say to be a human to be a dutiful citizen, other than this it expects nothing from us. Our society is stratified but not our economy on its basis. Our secularism, liberalism and fraternity(in one word ‘Democracy’) describe Indian society as egaletarian with no exception on any basis. And when our constitutional secularism and real life implications come face to face they somehow always fail to reflect each other. Democracy fails to sustain almost in every federal issue of Indian Federation. Undoubtedly the largest democratic federation of the world are again lucky enough to have been enjoying the same political and civil rights of citizenship all over the country. Mere fights out of political corruptions and ego hurt the citizens of India more than anything else. Here fights refers to cold or hot on the basis of vulnerability of the political faces. Here steps taken often contradict fraternity, liberalism and seldom secularism. So it connotes a weakness of liberalism lies in the intention and implication of stopping others from being liberal. This is an example where our constitution fails and are brought under the eyes of the guards of the legislation. However be the conflicts among various states in India as these always have been since thousands of years, we keep it among ourselves. And no one to blame for such federal issues but ourselves. As is expandable our democracy so is open our fraternity. As we put forward our fraternity to our bellicose neighbour they assault back with more daunting than the last attack. And the most impeccable democratic barrier stands tall when we suffer from animosity from our neighbour. Preposterous actions are taken which are so much at par our democratic delusion. And much to our impatience we condemn our fraternity and long surviving culture of secularism.
As the bullet bearers belong to the same culture of assimilation they never fail to show allegiance even with the fire of vengeance inside.
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose showed us the way it is done. With utmost veneration towards our constitution and Armed Forces we must let the avengers loose for the first time(I guess). From the literate and dutiful citizens and members of legislative assemblies of our country amendments of some needful acts have to be put forward for the sake of our country and our soldiers so that they can take actions on their own at certain predescribed spur of emergency. Because it won’t harm our fraternal and democratic practices, it might only liberalise the defence system of our sovereignty when needed.


সর্বোপরি তোমার কাছে, ধুলো ঘামের মিশ্রণের সাথে,
বুক চিঁড়ে বহিত ধারার ছোঁয়ায়
জন্ম মৃত্যুর ধারাবাহিকতার সঙ্গে,
আজও জানু দুটো তোমার সামনেই নোয়ায়।

সর্বোপরি তোমার জন্য অদ্ভুত নিবিড় টানে,
তোমার ঘোলাটে বিভার মাধুর্য প্রীতে
কদাচিৎ নীলাম্বরের দর্শনেও অবিকার থাকি,
তোমার ভারী বাতাসের শীতে।

সর্বোপরি মৎস্য বিমুখ হয়েও,
অভ্যস্ত হয়েছে বিহারের নিরামিষ ভোজে।
তবু তোমার দেখার জাদু স্পর্শে,
মাছের আঁশেও কেন জানি সুবাস খোঁজে ।

সর্বোপরি প্রাত্যহিক জীবনের শব্দ দূষণে,
ভ্রু কুঞ্চন আর সহস্র বাতির চোখ ধাঁধানোর শেষে,
অকৃত্রিম দুটো বাংলায় হাঁক যেন বলে ওঠে,
যেন মৃত্যুর মুখদর্শী হই তোমারই ঘর্মাক্ত বেশে।

এবং সর্বোপরি যখন ভেসে ওঠে- ছাই রাস্তার বুক চিঁড়ে
অসংখ্য লৌহ রেলের সমাহার;
তখন স্বর্গোদ্যানের দর্শনে আর বি.বা.দি বাগের কাননে বারংবার ধ্বনিত হয়
কোথায় আছে শহর, দ্বিতীয় এই প্রকার!


-সৈকত মুখার্জ্জী


স্বপ্ন হইয়া আছো জড়াইয়া,
আজও বাস্তবের সাক্ষাতে।
ক্ষনিকের পথে আর সঙ্গদোষে,
আলোকিত কায় নিস্তব্ধ প্রভাতে।

শান্তি হইয়াছে নিবিড় যত,
দুর্ভেদ্য মনে তাহাই হাজারো অব্যক্ত।
মস্তিষ্কে বাধা ভাবনাসকল,
আজ প্রভাত ধারায় তমসা সিক্ত।

কেমনে থাকি না ভাবিয়া,
যাহারে লাগে এতো আপন,
বসতি গড়িয়াছে যে পারাবার তীরে,
কেমনে করি তাহারে সংবরন।

একদিন সর্বপরি, উহার উক্তিগুলি
ব্যয় করি, নিঃশেষিত হইবে।
মনের আঁধারে, বিস্মিত বারে বারে,
স্মৃতির আবেগ উহার সাথেই রহিবে।

উহার ভাবনায়, মোহিত ক্ষণকালে,
অকপট প্রেমের সরস সংযোজন।
বসুধা মাঝে, উহার কাছে নিরর্থক সাজে,
সুসজ্জিত কত বহুমূল্য আয়োজন।।

-সৈকত মুখার্জ্জী


When it is all dried up,
and you dare drink the water;
those vehement approaches apprise you,
that it is already very much winter.

In the heavenly blue without any white,
when the sun shines brighter;
it is the shadow prevails and the wind unveils
that it is already very much winter.

The garb  with backed up heat,
and it produces a layered conduction,
as unrest is created near creator’s abode
even he can’t stop the inner vibration.

As the hands act as traitors themselves,
and gradually stabilize the inert writer;
the gazing greens while turning red, says
that it is already very much winter.

The afire woods in the solemn breeze,
might just stop you from the act of shiver,
but the belligerent night says to our forlorn fight,
that is already very much winter.

-Saikat Mukherjee


Indian Army in Kashmir Crisis

Ever Since I was born I have been told to be afraid of a state of India, Jammu and Kashmir. The Muslims of India are a part of minority and everybody says Hindus are majority. I have been having no hatred for any religion, I have no problems with others until they are causing any trouble in my way, thoughts and work which are also supposed to be harmless for others. India is a democratic country. Being weak in history and due to lack of enthusiasm in gathering information on any current hot topic(specially political, social etc) of our country I try to ask myself or others on what I see or hear and try to find the best possible answer by any means. Nevertheless discriminating ideas can converge into some favourable or non favourable conclusions. I cannot conclude much on any national or international issue which is currently buzzing in the market or historically had buzzed a lot because I lack information as I had said. But I can bring up some general queries or concern on some issues which we should be able to discuss with our common sense or the power of logical thinking.
I do not know why Pakistan is a Muslim country and I have heard that Hindus have been having a very tough situation out there.  I am born and brought up in Calcutta. Fortunately for me I am an Indian and then a Calcuttan. I have no political interest or I am not actively connected to any ancillary services of any social welfare organization. Only some occasional help for the needy is all I do for my satisfaction. I am passionate about my country and passionate about the ill wishers of India as well. Passion differs by its act though. It is heard and experienced that even in the heart of Calcutta one should restrain himself or herself from showing love and support for India. And one has to tolerate people talking against India and vehemently disrespecting her as well. I don’t know why in every such case it happens to be related with the same category of people. Whether they are causing any good or not any anti Indian activity is led by them only. Even in such cases police remains as mere audience. Many movies show what kind of oath they take while being absorbed in the police force. Again being lack of information may be I don’t know what is meant by devoted to our constitution.
Now recently I can witness that some educated Bengali Indians are also trying to prove our Indian Army is wrong. Being from West Bengal we also have a stretch of international border sharing with Bangladesh. Here BSF keeps patrolling the border. May be the minors are really minors here. I ask those people who is recently supporting the Kashmiris, why here in West Bengal there is no such independence movement, and if such movement starts here what kind of behaviour should we expect from our government?
Firstly there was only India, no Pakistan or Bangladesh. I am thankful to our ex and late prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi that she had helped making an Independent country Bangladesh. If we were to still be the neighbour of East Pakistan, may be the so called minorities would start crying for the independence of West Bengal. I am to see what those educated Bengali Indians would have to say then.
Now I come to the Kashmir issue. We that is our government and equivalently our army have had enough. The kashmiris are getting fooled by Pakistan everyday by some religious silly brain washes,and they are showcasing those by shouting against India. Some of them have even got the audacity to put on pakistani flag on the Indian soil. Social networks say they  go to schools, so they are educated, they are not uneducated atleast. Our house maid is totally uneducated, can’t even dial a number. Once I tried to inject some anti Indian thoughts into her mind but I proudly failed to do so. Because she knows that she is an Indian and she will die an Indian, she proudly cheers for India. So I ask the intelligent people who is raising their voice for the kashmiris, why don’t Indian army need to shoot rubber bullets to us except the Kashmiris? We are also sharing border with a brother of Pakistan. But as I am reading or hearing from  various sources that Indian army is torturing the Kashmiris, even the teenagers are not being spared. Why Indian Army is doing this only in Kashmir? What should they do when people staying in India raising voice against India? Should they mollify the people and proudly let Kashmir get out of India? Boys aged twelve-thirteen are even shouting against India. They want independence? Are we fool? They want to be attached with Pakistan. And there are severe religious brain washes. Some of the kind hearted Indians or may be Pakistanis are dragging the Indian celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bacchan by photoshopping their faces as wounded by rubber bullets and saying how would they feel. This shows their literacy level. Why would in dreams Indian army shoot at them with rubber bullets? That is what I have been asking, why don’t our army need to shoot at us except the kashmiris?
Why did I never get brain washed in the name of lord shiva ,in the name of durga? But they do get, every where in this country. As our country has ‘minorities’ and the minors are terrifying and are harming our land, Indian Army can’t help but help our land.
I know something, that for them we can smile and wander freely in our streets. About 8 to 9 years ago in Park Circus, Kolkata, a hindu-muslim riot kind of scene had arisen. As usual police was unable to handle the situation. Some uniformed men from Fort William needed minutes to peacefully handle the issue without even talking to anybody. This is just an example.
I am with our army. And I support them to handle strongly any anti Indian activity. May the super power strengthen their mind and bodies.
If anyone feels pity for the Kashmiris and think Indian Army is tyrant, please feel free to go to Kashmir and help them.

রাত জাগা তারা

এ কেমন মৃগ নয়নার রূপের সমনে,সমাদৃত চিবুকের  সমাগমে,
নির্ধারিত যে ওরা রাত জাগা তারা।
কত বিশ্লেষণের মাঝে, কত অযাচিত কাজে
নিবেদিত কালে, ওরা বড়ই দিশাহারা।

বেড়ে চলার পথে, কত পরিপক্ক  আঘাতে,
ওদের কাঁধে নিয়ত কত প্রবর্তিত দায়,
কত চঞ্চল পৌরুষের আবেশে;
আবিষ্ট না হয়ে, করে চলেছে ওদেরই নিরুপায়।

এর নিখিল আয়োজক কুল, কেন জানি
ভিনভাষী জ্ঞানধর্মে বড়ই ব্যাকুল।
যত শিক্ষনীয় আছে, ও না পিছিয়ে পড়ে পাছে,
তাই  বাধ্যতামূলক করে, কত প্রতিদ্বন্দ্বীর মাঝে
ঐ ক্ষুদ্রকায় যতপরনাস্তি চেষ্টায় আকুল।

উন্নাসিক  সকল, ওরা বুঝবে কি তা বল,
যেখানে জীর্ণ ভাষার মর্ম ;
অভিব্যক্তির সন্ততা যেখানে ক্ষুণ্ণ
প্রতিপদে আর শৈশব খচিত অকর্ম।

তাই এহেন উচ্চাসনের দৌড়ে,
পিছিয়ে পড়লেও  সমাদরে অবসৃত হোক প্রণতি।
সহজাত বাসনা যত  নির্ভয় হোক তত,
তা বিকশিত হোক মনে, এটাই আমার মিনতি।

– সৈকত মুখার্জ্জী

ত্রিভুবনের ওপারে

নির্ভেজাল আকাশে, মৃদু শান্ত বাতাসে,
জগৎতনয়ার আবির্ভাবে, হয়েছে
প্রশান্ত পারাবার।
দিবাকরালোকে,অদৃশ্য তারাদের মাঝে,
বারিদহীন মুক্তাম্বরে দেখি তার
আলোর সমাহার।

গ্রহাণুকুলের অন্তরালে,কত যুগের
ধকল সয়ে ধ্রুব তার
রুক্ষ,তার ধ্রুব শীতলতা,
প্রভঞ্জন বিনা মৃত বিগ্রহ দাঁড়িয়ে,সে

কত ঝড়ের সূত্রপাতে,আতঙ্কিত স্রষ্টা,
তার সৃষ্টির প্রতিপত্তিতে,
শোষিত অনর্গল।
তবু শত নিধন উপেক্ষা করে,
পরিক্রমণরত সে আজও

কৃষ্ণাম্বর অপেক্ষারত তার দ্যুতিচ্ছটা
মোহময়ী আর ধ্রুবতারা নয়,
মোহময় তার রৌপ্যলোক আজ
ধরিত্রী বেশে।

কৃতি ছিল তখনও, কৃতি আজও,
তাপহীন ধরা তো নশ্বর প্রতিভা,
সে যতই হোক শোষিত।
শশীর কলায় জলোচ্ছ্বাসে,নিয়মিত
আভাসে, আজ এই ধ্বংসাত্মক জগৎও

Knack of The Night

In the birth of supernovas
constraints are getting diminished.
Though a peculiar sound is on the rise;
as the joint is getting finished.

As the roof lurks into the sky,
an illegal move is on;
in the spell of the miniatured goddess,
it is giving life to argon.

It starts preparing to sleep,
with open reserved chamber.
Though it is quite melting down and
not bothered about the slumber.

The owls cry, and it’s not rare
with crickets all around.
Serenity is too much here
and creating skeptical sound.

The hot surface commits nuisance
here and doesn’t leave the back.
The wiping night is very vehement
though; with such gathered knack.

-Saikat Mukherjee



নিয়ত পৃথিবীর সাথে ঘূর্ণায়মান
ওঁরা আজ বদলেছে কত মত।
নিয়মিত রূপের আসরে বিক্ষুব্ধ আমরা,
অগত্যা ছেড়ে দিয়েছি তাঁদের পথ।

পরিবর্তন করে, পরিবর্তিত হয়ে;
অস্থায়ী এ দেহের বশে আচ্ছন্ন,
মোহাবিষ্ট কত প্রাণ আনন্দমুখর
আজ; করে চলেছে কত জীবন বিপন্ন।

লিখিত যা,আর অনুসৃত যা;
কেন জীবন দাঁড়িয়ে তার পরিচারিকাসম হয়ে!
নিছক সঙ্গদোষের অজুহাত
যেন নির্বাপিত অনল; মৃদু প্রভঞ্জন সয়ে।

কতটা পৃথকভেবে থেমে গেলে
হঠাৎ উপহাসকারী এ অনুভূতিশীল প্রাণ।
শত দ্বন্দের মাঝেও, দৃঢ়তার আবিষ্কার
এ জীবন তো যেন কত মানুষের দান।

হয়তো বা নির্ধারিত সময়ের ছলে,
ছদ্ম পরিধির বাইরে যেতে চাওয়া ভুল।
বিহিতের খোঁজে নিরস্ত্র ভুজে;
বিজিত সৈনিকও, তাই আজ জিততে ব্যাকুল।